Monday, May 23, 2011

More Scotland Photos

Currently, I'm in Edinburgh having concluded the riding portion of my trip. It's been a fun time in the saddle, but like all good things it's come to the end. The internet access was less than I thought, so I'll be adding images and comments over the next few days.

Edinburgh is a grand town and I'll be exploring it through the duration of my time here. The weather is rainy with high wind warnings of 70 mile gusts for the next couple of days! Holy cow, I finished in the nick of time.

I had mostly good weather during my ride with exception of a steady head wind for the last three days of the ride. Day four was the worst, where I had to peddle going down hill because of 30 mile an hour head wind in my face. I made it to Killin just as it started to rain, which was also the start of my rest and laundry day. I really needed it.

Rain, hail, wind and sunshine kept me company on my way to Rob Roy's grave before making it to Callender. There, my hostess Anne, was making apple pie, so the lodge smelled like walking into my grandmother's house. She was such a nice lady, actually all my hosts have been fantastic.

Rain greeted me for my final day, but it wasn't too bad. The current weather front was about six hours from me and I wanted to get to Sterling as soon as possible. I had been taking the longer routes to my destinations, but decided to take the shorter 21 mile route instead of the 32 mile. Something about dealing with 70 mile head wind I wasn't interested in. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I ended up taking an even shorter 15 mile route down a major road with high speed traffic, a narrow road, lorries (semi-trucks) and other potential death by vehicle hazards. Yikes!

More on that later.

In the mean time some pictures of the travels so far.

Tay River

McKenzie Castle

Oregon has Boring, Scotland has Dull

An old hotel

A hand carved wooden sign

Pike from the river Tay

Salmon from the river Tay

Snow in them there hills of Killin

Tastes better than the American crap! 

Rob Roy's Grave

An old building along the way.

My host shares the same Ross Clan name as me.
A day of 30 MPH head wind, kick my butt!
Something to keep you company enroute

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