Monday, May 9, 2011

London Calling

Made it London and Colin's house for my first night in the UK. The flight was not bad except for "Chatterbox Fred" hitting on a young woman on her way to visit her fiancée. CF couldn't keep his story straight. Was he Greek? Texan? Lebanese? I think he settled on Lebanese. Dip stick.

Once through customs, it was a short bus ride to Twickenham (a burb of London) and Colin's house by way of a Rugby match between Army and Navy. Quite the sight of fans supporting their team. Army won 44 to 11. A lot of celebration afterwards.

After a short nap, Colin and I went for a couple of pints and a bite, my first meal in the UK was a sausage and onion bap (grilled sausage, fried onions on a plain bun). Pretty good with Coleman's mustard spread over the fixin'.


  1. Sausage & Onions-sounds like a AZ State Fair treat!

  2. I'm glad you made it London alright. The rugby match sounds like a lopsided win... was it interesting anyway?