Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Minor Hiccups in Keswick

Arrived mid-morning Monday, minus my camera -- which is enjoying another owner -- looking for its replacement.

Would be world travelers should check their spam box for any messages from abroad. The B&B could only accommodate my needs for four of the five nights I was expecting to stay. Their emails alerting me were diverted to the spam box (thanks Google!) That was the bad news. The good news. They found me a room for my last night and the first day of the Jazz Festival (big sigh of relief.)

On an upbeat note, Keswick and the Lake District are absolutely beautiful. Will post images once I have a replacement camera in hand and can start exploring.


  1. After all the work you went through to get that new camera, I can't believe you lost it! I can only hope that there is a decent story behind how it went missing. BMc

  2. Bummer about your camera. Glad you are working through the glitches.

  3. It's too bad your camera had legs. I'm glad that you found a place for the last night. I hate those pesky spam filters. It sometimes does more harm than good.